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1"If the Commonwealth's High Guard had a weakness, it was this:
It's officers were too competent, too caring, and too brave."

 - Yin Man-Wei: "The Rise and Fall of the Systems Commonwealth", C.Y.11942

"Some say the Commonwealth would have fallen even without Nietzschean treachery.
They underestimate both the Commonwealth and the Nietzscheans."

 - Yin Man-Wei: "The Rise and Fall of the Systems Commonwealth", C.Y.11942

"Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it;
those who fail to learn history correctly -- why they are simply doomed."

 - Achem Dro`hm: "The Illusion of Historical Fact", C.Y.4971

"Here`s everything I know about war:
Somebody wins, somebody loses, and nothing is ever the same again."

 - Admiral Constanza Stark, C.Y.9784

"Machiavelli`s ideas are basically sound ones or the Nietzschean people.
Unfortunately, he was an optimist."

 - Cerebus Khmer: "Aphorisms" - C.Y.8969

"The heavens burned, the stars cried out
And under the ashes of infinity,
Hope, scarred and bleeding,
breathed its last."

 - Ulatempa Poetess: "Elegy for the Commonwealth", C.Y.9823

"Many say living in the Way is difficult.
Is sleeping difficult? Is waking?"

 - Serenity Vikram Singh Khalsa, Collected Works, 301 AFC

"We say atoms are bound by Weak Attractors.
Why not admit the Truth:
The Universe is held together by Love."

 - Michio Von Kerr, Wayist physicist, C.Y.9942

"The truest measure of a society is how it treats its elderly, its pets, and its prisoners."

 - Keeper of the Way Vision of Faith VII, C.Y.9891

"Democracy may only be a few steps removed from Anarchy, but at least it`s not as loud."

 - Crowned in Starlight, Than Hegemon, C.Y.9843

"Wealth is too Precious to be entrusted to the Rich."

 - Anonymous Kalderan Proverb, circa C.Y.500

"If hope is the engine of the soul,
Then duty is the navigator...
And love is the fuel."

 - High Guard Supreme Commander, Sani nax Rifati: "Persuasions and Exmortations", C.Y.4279

KLUDGE (Klooj) - n. Disparagin term for genetically unmodified human being. See also "Über"

 - A Concise Dictionary of Slang and Euphemism, C.Y.9021

"One head cannot contain all wisdom."
The Olduvai Cycle
Systems University Archives, C.Y.8550

"Humans say the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
Why? Do they think there`s a shortage of bad ones?"

 - Karm`Luk P`an Ku: "The Joy of Lucidity", C.Y.8633

"Between birth and death lies desire,
Desire for life, for love, for everything good.
And this is the source of all suffereing."

 - Outcast Consensus 17, C.Y.10942

"WARNING: Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery or Navigate The Slipstream While Under The Influence Of This Beverage."

 - Sparky - Cola (Label), 291 AFC

"Only those born guilty Recognize Innocence for what it Is:
The rarest thing in the Universe,
And the most Precious."

 - THE ANOINTED, The Finder of the Way, C.Y.9799

"The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy."

 - Drago Museveni, C.Y.8427

"You ask why we give our Ships` Computers normal Emotions?
Do you really want a Warship Incapable of Loyalty?
Or of Love?"

 - The Unshattered Allegiance, High Guard Frigate, Artifical Intelligence Rights Activist, C.Y.7309

"Come bitter Rain,
And wash from my Heart
That saddest of all Words:

 - Ulatempa Poetess, "Song of My Exile", C.Y.9825

"Screams of a billion murdered Stars Give lie to the night`s Peace,
While we cling in desperation to the Few Fragile spinning stones we call Worlds"

 - Wayfinder First Order Hasturi aka "The Mad Perseid", 217 AFC

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